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(It's not far from the top of the story.) ---- Molly Weingarten of Ithaca, N. sent in this unusual story, which is interesting on its own, but becomes downright surreal with the rather oddly gratuitous final line. Spellcheck and calculators are turning our youth into a bunch of helpless electrophiles.

------ Meanwhile, Amy Hahn discovered an obit in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporting on the sudden death by heart attack of an area man. I didn't have to go back and reread, that egregious misspelling exuded wrongness like a bleeding sore. Woe the day when electricity is no longer available!

One reason for the confusion is the Underpants Paradox: Blogs, like underpants, contain "threads," whereas this chat contains no "threads" but, like underpants, does sometimes get funky and inexcusable. Weingarten is also the author of "The Hypochondriac's Guide to Life. To know what The Hunt is, and to decide whether you might want to participate, visit and click on the Hunt icon.

This Week's Poll: I Lean Democratic | I Lean Republican Not chat day? Important, secret note to readers: The management of The Washington Post apparently does not know this chat exists, or it would have been shut down long ago. And Death" and co-author of "I'm with Stupid," with feminist scholar Gina Barreca. (Unless you are early to this page, you might want to do this after the chat. I'll say more about this during the updates this week.) ---- My experiment with Joshua Bell drew many imitators.

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_______________________ Vienna, Va: That's a good riddle. If the light's off and the bulb is hot, you know it's the third switch. _______________________ Alexandria, Va.: I stopped wearing jeans about 10 years ago (I'm 50 now). Approximately 85 percent of his clothes have pockets. Approximately 100 percent of my clothes have pockets. Gene Weingarten: Ah, after writing the previous, I have been informed by Liz, an actual woman, that the poster's point, which would be clear to any actual woman, is that no six month old needs pockets. _______________________ Convicted Fel, ON: "At the age of 19, I robbed a liquor store at gunpoint.No good could possibly come from answering your riddle. Go back down stairs and flip the switches one at a time. Alternatively, you can short circuit the lamp/outlet with a piece of solder, which will vaporize and make a loud bang when you flip the right switch.If you're allowed to go down into the basement to check on the fuse box, do so after flipping each switch to see when/if a fuse gets blown. And the possibility of burning down your old house adds an element of, um,... Gene Weingarten: Only guys submit answers like this.--- A few weeks ago, I began what I hoped would be a regular or semi-regular Chatological Humor riddle/puzzle/challenge. You may have to watch it twice to realize exactly what happened. Below the Beltway, (Post Magazine, May 4) Gene Weingarten: Ms. I received about 250 emails from readers proud to have discovered "purveyer." But many sheepishly pointed out that to do so, they had to cut and paste the column into Word, and then use spellcheck.I sort of forgot about it, but Jennifer Hart reminded me, and supplied one she found. Please don't hazard a guess if you know the answer, or if you search and find it on the Web: You are in an old house. --- Please take today's poll (I Lean Democratic | I Lean Republican). _______________________ I got a little confused on #3: Well, the first two were easy: the fundamentalist Christian, and the Muslim war hero. I don't mean someone whose views I would disagree with, I mean someone I wouldn't like. _______________________ Silver Spring, Md.: The last question was very easy for me - I've never worn denim jeans and don't plan to. Judging from the posts I am reading, people were very sure of themselves about their answers, but people were sure of very different things.

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