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Today's installment comes from David Blackburn, of San Diego, who like most of the recent correspondents has agreed to let me use his real name to tell about an encounter with the authorities late in 2010.

He said nothing to that and then requested access to the aircraft.

I said for what and he said he had a need to search the aircraft and that in fact if I was not carrying drugs or large sums of money that I shouldn't have a problem with that.

[Smaller airports often have a variety of craft -- private airplanes, police helicopters, National Guard, etc, and you get local guidance on where to park.] As I walked down the street to the office of the Mitsubishi Flight School, the airport security stopped me and asked if I just arrived in the MU2. He parked his car and said let's walk back to your aircraft. In the distance I noticed a string of 5 or 6 cars with Blue Flashing lights.

[Approximately 27,000 feet] It was without a doubt a good fast flight at 300 Knots [usually there is a tailwind for planes headed west to east].

The flight was planned for training purposes in the MU2 and for recurrent training to satisfy the requirements necessary to fly the MU2.

He noticed the one of the tires was low and provided me a bottle of nitrogen to fill it up.

We had a length discussion [about some mutual friends, including some who had come to tragic ends.] We had a long talk about that and shook our heads with what a small world it was.

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