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Love the gym as a way to relax and have some 'me' time. About Guys I Want To Meet: Friendly, playful, adventurous, a quick laugh, and a bit philosophical? About Me: Down to earth, athletic, passionate, spiritual, and straight forward guy.trying to make the best out of life. Tennis is my favorite sport at the moment and I am always looking for a good partner to hit with. I have a weakness for guys with big musc legs and bubble butt. Although a physical attraction will get my attention, it is the attraction on a men... I drive fast and aggressive (depending one the car). About Guys I Want To Meet: Be yourself, and have a good heart. I spent a year making myself "live lean." So I've managed to keep my weight at a reasonable level without feeling too thin or too fat. 2) phyiscal connection-are you in decent/healthy, shape, meaning do not let yourself go**NO COUCH POTATOES**3) Spiritual connection- one have to beleve in a higher power, to me it's GOD... About Me: About Guys I Want To Meet: I'm looking to meet secure, down home guys that love to laugh and smile and spend good times together. Love to be able to debate politics, religion, stories of the day. There's the occasional cry, and that too is healthy apparently.

About Guys I Want To Meet: $.post(" About Me: So, I'm an enthusiast of wrestling, martial arts, and so on. About Me: I'm a regular guy, I appreciate life and the beauty of nature. Getting older as a single gay guy comes with its set of challenges, but I remind myself that it's healthy to step out of my c...

If you like to talk about the "dirty dirty" or just chat about school whatever works there is someone on there right now looking to connect live with you locally.

So all you have to do is register and call in this second to meet hot sexy black singles that are local.

Looking for guys who are into muscles and like to keep fit About Guys I Want To Meet: Looking for WORKOUT PARTNER! About Guys I Want To Meet: Got a bae, so I'm looking for bodybuilders to train with, Nintendo friend code, my next cheat meal, Narnia and twerk team competitions. I'm very laid back and easy to talk to (though I have major social anxiety); I relate to typical guy stuf... I'm a Registered Nurse working in the hospital and I love it!

I like muscular Builds, shaved heads, smooth bodies open minded,honest men,any race . About Guys I Want To Meet: Guys that can take a joke and a punch About Me: Fun, out going, easy going, chill, relaxed, just get to know me if you want to know. At this point my goal is to find a circle of friends that are into competitive fitness, i.e. Just graduated Nurse Practitioner school and looking to relocate to the northwest. I've been a swimmer for over 10 years and would eventually love to do a triathlon. About Guys I Want To Meet: I like thoughtful guys that have some sort of drive in their life.

Black Singles is a telephone chat line where sexy black men and sexy black women connect for telephone chat and who knows where it goes from there.

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Mainly a aggressive top but would turn over for my mate/lover...

Minutes are only deducted when you access the live connector.

No minutes are consumed while you record your greeting or check your remaining balance.

However, we don't need to have crowd to have a party. I can be my own best friend but that can get old at times... About Me: "2016 is basically a news montage at the beginning of a post-apocalyptic movie explaining how the world ends." black muscle artist that throws out compliments when I see hard work, give out free hugs, loves art, and is aiming to be a bodybuilder. I've worked very hard to get to this point with my body and I'm not interested in j... Typical otaku love videogames, anime, and of course the gym.

Who loves working out and who loves the appreication of muscles. I'm looking for someone real and not just a skype sexual partner.

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