Dating hispanic males

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But BO aside, odor is used extensively by Latinos in communicating.Many Hispanics use perfume or cologne to convey their personality; an the smell of a particular brand of perfume becomes a part of who they are.In some Latino specific networks like Mi Gente members often set their own color scheme and background music for their profile.All of this contributes to the “personal appearance” of the user and can be compared to the importance of clothing styles or makeup in personal interactions.The same holds true for the laundry products they use. Undoubtedly, the sense of smell is very much a part of the Latino communication process.Body and hand movement is also extremely important.

Colgate Palmolive, for example, has a very successful line of cleaning products called Fabuloso.In some instances when a respondent became very emotional I have offered a hug.I don’t know that I have ever used touch in non-Hispanic interviewing.I have said many times that if you tie my hands I am unable to speak.Voice pitch and volume is also used extensively among Latinos. Cubans, for example, are culturally very loud in their communication.

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