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With the dog-friendly trails at Ruffner Mountain Park and the beautiful boating and biking at Oak State Mountain Park, it's clear why they'd rather be outdoors.Chris Hastings is world-famous for beating the incredible chef Bobby Flay in a head-to-head battle on the Food Network, and he decided to set up shop in Birmingham at the Hot and Hot Fish Club.Anyone who likes to get dressed up for a mouth-watering, gourmet meal could get used to dating a Birmingham local.Steel City Pops have earned their position at the top of the list for favorite Birmingham treats.Alabama is home to so much history that just listing all of the phenomenal people and events that came from this state would take several pages.Nat King Cole was born in Montgomery, and he went on to be one of the first African Americans to host his own TV show.Not to mention, it never hurt anyone to have the door opened for them.

Pour a few glasses of the Spring Street Saison from Avondale Brewing Company or something from the Bearded Reserve series from Good People Brewing Company. Birminghamians sure know their way around a mountain trail.

There are very few high school students who haven’t been touched by the power from the pen of Harper Lee, whose Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel placed her forever in the halls of great Alabamians.

Her home in Monroeville is farther south, but her influence has gone world-wide.

Maybe knowing that the state bird is the Yellow Hammer and the state flower is the Camellia doesn’t ring with the tinkling bells of romance, but those facts are still a part of who you are.

How could anyone not appreciate the history of the city they live in?

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