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The search histories as well as attempts to visit different websites can also be viewed.

Concerned parents can download Norton Safety Minder and install following the instructions specified.

All in all, it is a monitoring and tracking app that has great functionality and great value for money.

Check out detailed review here The need of monitoring software is to know the truth and hence it has to function secretly to gather the necessary evidence.

Any monitoring app must have an easy to use interface with step by step installation guide.

This will enable the user of such app to discreetly install such app on the kid’s phone without their knowledge that they are being monitored.

Those who have the intention to deceive need to be trapped cautiously after gathering evidence.

By operating in the stealth mode, the mobile monitoring apps efficiently relay all information to the user account.

Launched by Symantec, this mobile app will let the parents track as well as block the websites accessed by their children on their Android phones based on the customized lists or age category.

The parental control app is heavy on features that range from online filtering, app blocking, and web history logging to time management, location tracking, and much more.

Shielding kids from dangerous online elements is a rather elusive goal, especially with the growing prevalence of technology.

This app sends you notifications on sensing sounds, movements or slight motions.

For example, if you have asked your teenage kid not to use your car when you are not home and if the kid carries the Android phone that has the app installed, it will send you SMS when the car starts moving sensing the motion and sound. Basically, the function of all such mobile monitoring apps is to protect your device and family from cyber crimes like cyber bullying and stalking on the internet by pedophiles.

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