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The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Patton, said the incident demonstrates that elite schools are subject to the same dynamic that challenges the rest of the country — an inability to debate differences constructively. The actual liberal arts college is something where all of human differences are on full display,” Patton said.Flanked by security officers, Murray, Stanger and Burger moved toward Burger’s car.

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It resulted in a student protest in the lecture hall and, later in the evening, violence in the parking lot that caused a concussion and neck injuries to a faculty member with me. She included a fine statement of principles about freedom of speech on campus. But I differ with her assessment of how the administration handled the situation. It just means a temporary mark on your record that is expunged if there is no further violation. Because students often must disclose such information in applications to graduate programs and employers, it is a serious penalty, with potentially long-term consequences.? A senior professor, a senior college official, and the guest lecturer were assaulted. First, it was important that I make it as easy as possible for the administration to do the right thing. Second, I didn’t want to do anything that might make life difficult for Allison Stanger, the professor who had agreed to moderate my lecture, and Bill Burger, Middlebury’s vice president for communications, who faced that crowd of protesters in black ski masks with me, one at each elbow, while we made our difficult way to the car.

One threw a stop sign with a heavy concrete base in front of the car Murray was in, and several others rocked, pounded, and jumped on the vehicle.

One protester pulled Stanger’s hair and injured her neck.

“Probation” at Middlebury doesn’t mean a weekly meeting with your probation officer and random drug tests. A few, who took an especially prominent role in the episode, received what we call ‘college discipline,’ which places a letter in their permanent file noting their infractions. Being involved in the protest will be a plus in the eyes of the admissions committees for many graduate programs. He was in a student protest a few years ago.” Here’s the reality: A guest lecturer was shouted down. I’ve wanted to answer that question since the morning of March 3, but two things have kept me circumspect.

No one is going to say “Oh, we can’t hire this person. Now that I’ve vented, the question may reasonably be asked: How do I think Middlebury should have dealt with the situation?

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