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On Valentine’s Day last week, I was sent a rather lovely surprise from the team at Quirk Books. You can pick it up for the Kindle, Nook, or i OS tablet of choice on the cheap, this whole month. Big thank you, as always, to Katherine over at Quirk Books.The Geek’s Guide to Dating, my lil’ non-fiction humor book that published in 2013, sold into Spanish. It’s the first time a translation of the book has gotten new art and a different cover, which is exciting, though I do of course love the work of my pal Juan Carlos Solon. The Geek’s Guide to Dating was my first published humor book, with Quirk Books back at the end of 2013. It made a few Best Books of the Year lists, and it’s sold into seven languages so far, with a few more on the way I can’t quite talk about yet. It’s my lil’ book that keeps on going, and I love it. She’s a rockstar when it comes to foreign rights, and I love seeing this little book pop up everywhere.[2MB, 82 pages], contains comprehensive information on best practices and recommendations.Manufacturers’ product information and package inserts include the most current information about the storage and handling of specific vaccines. And as always, my compliments to the kick ass rights team at Quirk Books. Barnes & Noble picked The Geek’s Guide to Dating as their Daily Find for San Diego Comic Con! The book has a little belly band wrap around it, that pink bar on the bottom. So excited to get my own finished copies of this one.Vaccines must be stored properly from the time they are manufactured until they are administered.

Errors can also result in the loss of patient confidence when repeat doses are required.Power outages or natural disasters are not the only events that can compromise vaccine.Forgotten vials of vaccine left out on the counter or doses of vaccine stored at improper temperatures due to a storage unit failure are other examples of how vaccines can be potentially compromised.A routine storage and handling plan provides guidelines for daily activities, such as: Every facility should also have an emergency vaccine retrieval and storage plan.The plan should identify a back-up location where the vaccines can be stored.

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