Take a iq dating test

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For the most part, adult IQ scores don't significantly increase over time.

There is evidence that maintaining an intellectually stimulating atmosphere (by learning new skills or solving puzzles, for example) boosts some cognitive ability, similar to the way maintaining an exercise regimen boosts physical ability, but these changes aren't permanent and do not have much effect on IQ scores.

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Because IQ tests measure your ability to understand ideas and not the quantity of your knowledge, learning new information does not automatically increase your IQ.

Intellectual ability does seem to depend more on genetic factors than on environmental factors, but most experts agree that environment plays some significant role in its development. There is some evidence that children develop higher intellectual ability if they receive better nurturing and diet as babies, and a higher degree of intellectual stimulation in preschool tends to boost children's IQ scores for a few years of elementary school but does not permanently increase IQ scores.I will show you four sets of four numbers, and you will tell me which is the odd one out. [Trump clicks remote, Fox News plays on screen.] CIA officer : [Taps foot.] Let’s try completing verbal analogies. So your IQ score is relatively stable, no matter what education you acquire.This does not mean that you can't increase your intelligence.

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