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But Rivers' defensive abilities made him underrated throughout his prime, and they push him closer to his positional rival in this competition.Toughest Omission: Dan Roundfield John Drew and Paul Millsap deserve some shoutouts for their contributions in different eras, but no omission was more painful than that of Dan Roundfield.The Boston Celtics have boasted plenty of legendary players throughout their lengthy existence, but they've been kind enough to allow one at each position to rise above all the rest.Bill Russell and Sam Jones won 10 championships playing alongside each other (and Russell earned an additional ring before his star shooting guard joined the NBA), which lets them rather easily surpass the other Hall of Famers at their respective positions.Even though Cliff Hagan now resides in the Hall of Fame, that wasn't a particularly difficult choice. Bob Pettit's name might not resonate with the younger crowd, but the legendary power forward was the Hawks' first truly great player and led his troops to the 1958 title, back when they still resided in St. Al Horford's lengthy tenure supersedes Dikembe Mutombo's 4.5-year stint, and Lou Hudson and Mookie Blaylock form a tremendous backcourt with shooting ability at the 2 and unabashed defensive excellence at the 1. Lenny Wilkens ultimately beats him out behind five All-Star appearances in his own eight-year run, but it's far closer than some might expect.Sure, Wilkens is a Hall of Famer, renowned as a dangerous dual threat on the offensive end.

Don't bet that any current Hawks will work their way onto the all-time depth chart.Larry Bird is revered as the ultimate franchise icon, spending his entire career in Celtic green and establishing himself as one of the 10 best players in NBA history.And how could Bob Cousy and Kevin Mc Hale possibly be topped?They all fall just shy of Rondo, whose number should eventually hang from the rafters.But Maxwell, tremendously underrated and largely overshadowed by the bigger names on the roster throughout the first half of the '80s, is the best of the bunch.

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