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Ritter, 49, exchanged messages with a detective posing as an underage girl and masturbated, even after the undercover officer stressed during the chat that he was a minor, Pennsylvania prosecutors said."The jury reached the right decision," Michael Rakaczewski, the assistant district attorney, said after the verdict.Some grew weary of working for free; others spoke out and had their CL status revoked."The people who run AOL never really understood the volunteers," says Ellen.On the one hand, she'd like to get paid for her work; on the other, she doesn't want to lose her volunteer position.Keep her talking, though, and Nancy starts to sound less like a disgruntled employee and more like a battered wife.

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Everything changed in December of 1996, when AOL moved to a flat-rate pricing system: unlimited access for .95 a month. Worse, chatty members clogged AOL's servers and threatened to crash the system. Without the hundreds of dollars worth of free hours, more than half left.

Ritter took the witness stand in his own defence Wednesday and said he believed the person he met in a Yahoo chat room on Feb.

fortune was built, and class-action lawsuit was born, on the fingers of tens of thousands of unpaid volunteers.

"I love AOL even though they're really shitty to me," she laughs.

"It's like a bad relationship I can't get out of."Nancy, like the other CLs, doesn't want her real name used because she fears that AOL will kick her off the system and she'll lose her online identity.

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